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Why Pay a Transfer?
Now that you´ve just booked your Mexico vacation package with Mexresorts, there are additional features to our services that we have put in place thinking of further needs you may encounter. We are more than happy to go the extra mile and make sure your trip and stay are of the highest standard. That´s why we offer our selected customers airport shuttle services on their way in and on their way out. We all know how tiring it can be to travel for a few hours, while we feel charged with the anticipation of our well-deserved holiday, then arrive at an international terminal, pick up our luggage, go through the custom controls only to come out on the other side of the arrivals lobby to unknown territory, a different country with a different language and different customs. Sometimes the cultural barrier feels like a tall wall, and we have all been in that situation, it´s just not pretty and can frustrate the most accomplished travelers. Before your holiday vibes vanish like a mist, let us take that weight off your shoulders and take care of your transportation from the airport to your hotel, and back again on your departure day. 

Now picture yourself taking your flight with the absolute confidence that our transfer services give you. Because we know your needs in advance, we have organized our private airport shuttle services so you can start your holiday during your flight. We’d like you to arrive to your destination without a care in the world and to that end our team has everything in place to pick you up at the airport in style, in our air-conditioned people carriers with bilingual staff that will be waiting for you at the terminal. Put all your worries away by hiring our airport shuttle services at the time of your booking, and picture yourself arriving safe and sound, and with a few extra dollars in your pocket to your destination hotel. Yes, you´re actually saving good money when you book our airport transfers, between 20% and 35% to be accurate, so why not booking it right away?

We offer two different services to fulfill different needs. The standard airport shuttle service takes place in an air-conditioned vehicle that waits until is fully occupied. By sharing your shuttle, you save good money in comparison with the taxi fares and on top of that, if you come with a group of friends or with your family, the vehicle gets filled right away and plays the part of your private taxi service. For those who crave extra privacy or are in a rush to get a head start to their tropical holidays, Mexresorts offers a VIP airport transfer, your own vehicle with your private driver that will be waiting for your arrival when you finally make it outside of the terminal. This should give you plenty of extra space and comfort. Add to that the fact that there are no stops on the way and no waiting time, and you have a winner. All our vehicles are fully insured, and our drivers are professionals of the wheel.  If you have special needs, like a wheelchair or a pushchair, just let us know. We have some available but it´s preferable to request it in advance, to save you from any discomfort. Make your online booking for your airport transfer and you will be saving time, money and energy. Leave it in our expert hands, and you will be getting to your hotel in the shortest time possible with your happiest face, the face of someone who just started their holiday in the tropics and is without a care in the world.